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Extreme Crunch Cinnamon Caramel Corn (Deliciously Yum)
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(via Oatmeal and Brown Rice Chocolate Chip Cookies - Desserts and Snacks, Recipes - Divine Healthy Food)
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xavier hernandez | a series of edits 

“He is this team. Unbelievable. His technique, vision, passing. For me, he’s the best at Barcelona. All the time I was there, I saw him lose the ball maybe twice. I’m talking about in matches and in training. He can play any game. One-touch, two-touch. He may not be the star with Messi about, but for me he is this team’s heartbeat." - Alexander Hleb on Xavi
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me wearing an oversized são paulo’s jersey :^)

parvula disse: I only know like food terms and family terms from my fam, but I wish I knew more! I want to learn

u should!! it’s the easiest of the three languages i’ve tried to learn and if u get to call people peppers and have it mean sassy it’s a language worth knowing

"The only place where he wasn’t shy was at the football field." x

parvula disse: you’re learning Portuguese?? OMG

yeah i’m trying to…i’m teachin myself slow and steady haha